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Obviously, a quick and timely truck maintenance/repair can help prevent needless accidents, crashes and malfunctioning that can lead to tragic occurrences (e.g. death) and make the business incur lots of costs.

​Are you in need of quality truck service and parts? Then you should not settle for less. The good news is that you can get the best possible truck service and parts at a surprisingly best cost. Jeff’s Truck Service offers a reliable and cost-effective truck service that both businesses and individuals can depend on.  You have invested a lot of money in purchasing your truck or trailer. Therefore, you should insist on using the best maintenance and repair service to ensure optimum performance at all times. Regular maintenance is necessary to trucks and trailers as you wouldn’t want them to pack up unannounced. So, you don’t have to wait until your trucks break down completely before sending them in for proper inspection and maintenance. From a maintenance to replacement of worn-out parts, we have the solution to your trucks and trailers. Our lines of truck service include new and used trucks for sale offered at the best possible price.

About US

Don’t let your truck put your business on a hold. Get your truck up and doing at all times by carrying out regular and quality maintenance. Jeff’s Truck Service provides extensive and reliable maintenance, repair and ensures complete quality control assurance, for guaranteed sustained value of your asset throughout its lifetime. Your truck deserves being handled with care, considering how much you invested in acquiring it. Besides, if something goes wrong with it, your business will also suffer, and you may end up losing even your loyal customers to your next door competitor. This is why at Jeff’s Truck Service, we employ the latest technologies and use the most skillful technicians in servicing and maintaining your business asset – your truck. 

The Importance of Truck Maintenance
An essential step to avoiding abrupt and costly truck crash is adequate maintenance and timely repair of your trucks. This is not just an ethical thing to do; it is also a legal requirement. In addition, carrying out regular maintenance on your truck is a great way to prevent costly damage/repair that comes with abrupt breakdown and major accidents. For reliable and innovative truck maintenance and repair in Redding, Jeff’s Truck Service is a great place to call in. From alignments to semi-truck repair and fuel injection testing, you can rely completely on our quality service. Our other services include Commercial and RV Generator Sales and Repair, and supply of genuine truck parts. 

Lack of proper truck maintenance will lead to the following;

  • Engine failures

  • Broken axles that can initiate catastrophic crashes on the road

  • Malfunctioning lights, leading to poor visibility and possible crashes

  • Brake failures, leading to terrible collisions

  • Malfunctioning of steering mechanism that can potentially cause an accident

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