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DPF Service

DPF filters –Diesel Particulate Filters are built to get rid of diesel particulate soot or matter from a diesel engine’s exhaust gas. Compared to the flow-through catalytic converter, DPFs hold back more gas particles as they force the gas to pour through the filter, yet the diesel particulate filters do not hold back small particles. Besides, the maintenance-free DPFs split bigger particles into smaller bits. Jeff’s Truck Service Orville offers a wide range of DPF filters.


The different types of DPFs are designed around the same requirements as follows:


  • Low cost

  • Fine filtrations

  • Durability

  • Minimum pressure drop

  • Mass production suitability


Just like every part on your truck, DPF filters need regular maintenance. If you are looking for DPF service around Orland, California, come into Jeff's Truck Service. Here at Jeff's Truck Service, we are your number one source for DPF service around Orland and its surrounding areas.


Lack of timely and regular maintenance of the DPF can also result in major issues, which can, in turn, cost you tons of business opportunities and may even result in potential road hazards. You certainly wouldn’t want to incur huge repair costs on the damaged engine resulting from DPF issues. When you come to Jeff's Truck Service for DPF service, we help you save money by keeping our services affordable and making sure that we get the job done right. That is why so many people around Orland, come to us for DPF service. Because we provide the service that they can rely on and at an affordable price. So if you are in need of DPF service around Orland, make sure to take your vehicle into Jeff's Truck Service.

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