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Diesel Service and Repair

Has your truck been making funny noises lately, every time you switch gears? Are your brakes running low and causing you to seek help in getting some new brakes for your diesel truck? If you are looking for great diesel service and repairs around Paradise, California, then you need to come to Jeff’s Truck Service. Here at Jeff’s Truck Service, we take the guesswork out by utilizing the latest in technology to be able to properly diagnose what is exactly wrong with your diesel truck. So whether the problem is big, or something small, you can bet that we will get down to the root of the problem and have your diesel truck fixed and running perfectly in no time. When it comes to diesel service and repair service around Paradise, you simply can’t do better than Jeff’s Truck Service.


Here at Jeff’s Truck Service, we are a professional truck service company located near Paradise. For those who are in need of diesel service and repair, you can count on us to provide quality work for your vehicle. We just don’t take care of the damages that are on the surface but we make sure to completely take care of the underlying problem.


When you come to Jeff’s Truck Service, you will notice that our staff is honest, reliable and friendly. If you are ever in need of diesel service and repair around Paradise, we would love if you would stop by and have us service you and your vehicle. We promise that you will love the service and work that we do, here at Jeff’s Truck Service.

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