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Truck Alignments

Truck alignments are a great way to ensure that the entire tires are rolling in the same direction as the vehicle. So, why are truck alignments necessary? Perhaps, the first benefit that comes to mind is minimal operating costs resulting from prolonged tire life. That’s not all, in addition to achieving truck tire longevity, proper tire alignments also promote fuel economy, as well as decreased driver fatigue as manufacturers suggest. Looking for the best truck alignment service in Gridley? Jeff’s Truck Service is well known for quality truck repair and maintenance, including wheel alignment on trailer, truck, RVs, buses and other vehicles. Our lines of repair and maintenance service include axle correction, suspension, wheel balancing, re-bushing and approved original parts and equipment supply. Best of all, you are guaranteed of quality work done at a fair price.


One of the most obvious consequences of improper truck alignment is severe tire wear. As noticed several times before, irregular abrasion promotes irregular wear. And, considering the present day’s long-wearing tires, seemingly insignificant irregular wear forces that continue over several thousands of kilometers would worsen critical wear conditions. Therefore, quality and correct alignments are essential to keeping the wear forces low.


Prolong the longevity of your tires’ life by coming into Jeff’s Truck Service for your truck alignments. Around Gridley, you simply won’t find better service and quality work. Do not wait until a problem ensues as a result of delayed maintenance. Here at Jeff’s Truck Service, we provide the truck alignments that you can count on to keep your tires and, most importantly, your vehicle in tip-top shape.

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